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New Capital Formation Firm to Focus on Highly Selective Alternative Assets

Erigo Capital Partners created to source and curate unique alternative investments


Initial pipeline features five opportunities

January 6, 2021 – Three global capital markets professionals have launched Erigo Capital Partners, a financial advisory company specializing in sourcing and curating alternative investment opportunities that feature capacity-constrained, innovative and uncorrelated high alpha offerings.


The new firm is led by Neil Collins, Bjorn Forfang and David Barenborg, each of whom has more than 25 years of experience in the financial markets, expertise in alternative investments, and connections to a broad network of global capital market professionals.


“The name Erigo means ‘to build’ or ‘raise up,’ and that’s exactly our mission in forging long-term partnerships that benefit our clients,” said Neil Collins, Erigo Capital Co-founder. “We see tremendous opportunity based on the increasing interest in alternatives and the need for greater guidance in identifying and leveraging special opportunities. The efficiency that comes with partnership investing—based on ‘informed trust’—is even more critical in light of current market fluctuations. Erigo Capital’s role is to provide the counsel and connections to build those powerful partnerships.”


Erigo expertise

The new firm brings together three tenured, highly connected capital markets professionals with complementary backgrounds and global experience:


  • Neil Collins, a former Principal of the Quellos Group, was Managing Director of BlackRock Alternative Advisors. He also served as Global Head of Marketing for both UBS Hedge Fund Solutions and The Carlyle Group, having started his career as a derivatives trader for O’Connor & Associates. He has deep expertise in hedge funds, private equity, private credit and real estate strategies for both institutional and private investors.

  • Bjorn Forfang, CFA, was Deputy CEO of the CFA Institute, the premier global association for investment management professionals. He previously served as Global Head of Client Relationships for UBS Investment Bank, where he oversaw some of the industry’s largest and most complex alternatives managers. Forfang has also held senior positions at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Greenwich Associates.

  • David Barenborg, a former Managing Partner and Director of Manager Research with BlackRock Alternative Advisors, has specific expertise in manager due diligence, hedge fund and alternative investment strategies. Before BlackRock, he served as a Principal and Director of Manager Research at the Quellos Group and held senior positions in the fixed income businesses of Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers and Salomon Brothers.


Services tailored to the client

“Erigo Capital can be instrumental in finding ideal investment solutions and connecting General Partners with discerning investors. Our open, consultative approach is to go deeper, to look under the surface of potential investments with qualitative as well as quantitative analysis,” said Bjorn Forfang, Co-founder. “Our differentiators also include a track record of success over many market cycles and asset classes, expertise in raising first-time funds and a collaborative approach focused on long-term objectives. Erigo Capital’s boutique structure also gives clients direct access to the firm’s principals throughout the capital raising process.”


For General Partners, Erigo Capital will offer market intelligence, consulting on marketing strategy and tactics, identification and vetting of prospective investors, and support in preparing offerings and managing requests. We help GP’s institutionalize their business model, rendering advice on investment and operational best practices, fund terms and size, and product development.


Limited Partners can expect fund selection advice to be based on Erigo Capital’s commitment to truly understand the portfolio strategy. Our process involves comprehensive due diligence, advice on industry trends, portfolio analysis and full transparency. In essence, Erigo Capital serves as an extension of the investor’s internal team by increasing the breadth and depth of the LP’s investment sourcing and diligence.


Current pipeline

Erigo Capital is currently assessing/representing the following potential opportunities:  

  • Special Situations Hospitality: A closed-end vehicle focused on high-quality Select Service hotel assets in the US that are situationally transacting at highly discounted values (capacity: $300+ million)

  • Sustainable, smart housing investment in a real estate company developing affordable housing in 50 communities (capacity: $500 million)

  • Technology growth fund targeting Series C and D+ companies (capacity: $1 billion)

  • Dual-use technology fund of funds, developed by Department of Defense and intelligence experts, focused on tech security solutions that have dual applicability to the civilian economy (capacity: $50 million)

  • Liquid private equity start-up with strategies to replicate median private equity (buy-out) performance while maintaining full liquidity for investors (capacity: $10 billion +).


Strategic analysis

In addition to offering high-value investment strategies curated by seasoned professionals, Erigo Capital is committed to the investment high road in other ways. “In weighing opportunities, we analyze an organization’s health, making recommendations based on qualitative as well as quantitative factors,” said David Barenborg, Co-founder.

“We avoid investments where we can’t identify the source of sustainable alpha or understand the causal factors driving correlations. Clarity and transparency are essential. We only represent managers with a solid record of ethical behavior, and seek strategies that are environmentally and socially responsible. Further, we will always look beyond current trends to identify cutting edge investors with innovative strategies. And we will secure capacity—consistent with our principles—at an early stage.


“Because of our specialized approach and boutique model,” Barenborg added, “Erigo Capital can provide very targeted strategies, avoiding the dilution of focus that can occur at larger firms.”



Erigo Capital Partners, LLC, established in 2020, is a privately-held company based in Connecticut. Securities marketed by Erigo are offered through Greenwich Capital Partners, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. 

Erigo Capital Partners follows the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct of the CFA Institute. 



For more information about Erigo Capital Partners, go to For press inquiries, contact Christine Meyer-Oertel, Avenue 3 Creative Group,; (1-917-862-9224).  


5TH Greenwich Economic Forum Annual Conference

Date: OCTOBER 11-13, 2022

The Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) is one of the world’s premiere conferences for leaders of the global alternative investment industry.

GEF is known for the quality of its speakers, the seniority (typically C- level) of its delegates, and its intimate peer-to-peer environment that contrasts with bigger “cast of thousands” type events which are common in the industry.

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